a hardcoded mission to send it.

The time has come. Markets rekt. My friends are all depressed. Discord quiet. BSC has turned into a mess of tokens that don’t do what they are designed to do. Rug here, joke here, another coin we don’t have running to another galaxy. Well, we’re done sitting on the sidelines and decided to send it.

FSEND Total Supply: 420,696
FSEND Contract: 0xAa9FEa2fD592761E07f48d3C1Ede10A61Cd3Ab4C
FSEND Presale Date:
Presale Softcap: 180 BNB
Presale Hardcap: 250 BNB
Minimum Contribution: 0.1 BNB
Maximum Contribution: 2 BNB
Presale Venue: DxSale (Only use our official link in Telegram)
FSEND Supply Allocation: 97.94% to presale and liquidity, 1.06% to DxSale fees, 1% to airdrop of early supporters
Contract Ownership: Renounced

Why we will send it when no one else does

We have sat back and observed the last few months of token launches, watching what works, what doesn’t. Based on FSEND trial runs on BSC test-net, we think we have nailed down a good formula. Anti-rug, anti-whale, constantly adding liquidity while keeping community engaged and involved, but a few paragraphs down you will see our secret weapon.

Price Floor + Reflect + Your Choice.

6% of each tx is used for permanent liquidity.
This creates a rising price floor, dumps will mean less and less as time goes on.
Liquidity will constantly be added, making the price floor rise.

3% of each tx is reflected back to holders.
Simply holding FSENDS = more tokens, without spending gas.

1% of each tx will go into a fund, for the community to vote on.
I personally would like us to vote on a charity every week, but something tells me the community will vote on market-buying FSENDS to send it even further, and I am fully okay with that.

Anti-Rug Mechanisms

Contract keys: renounced.
Presale liquidity: locked.
Liquidity added every transaction, permanently.

Anti-Whale Mechanisms

Everyone is tired of whales ruining farms, ruining tokens, and well, the market. So, we are doing what we can to minimize their effect here.
Sales of more than 1% of supply will not go through.
No whales will be allowed in the presale as there is a 2 BNB personal cap, everyone will enter on similar playing field.
There will be no constantl downside pressure from whales. There will be NO whales.

Punishment for panic sellers

So, someone just dumped a bunch and the price dipped a little, and you rush to sell? Think again.
The further down you sell from FSEND’s 4 hour TWAP, the higher tax you pay ( which will be distributed to liquidity and holders)

Now, to the good stuff…

FSEND Secret Weapon

What usually kills farms? Whales. They jump in with massive amounts of funds the second the farm opens, crushing yields, constantly dumping the harvests until its worthless while everyone else suffers.
To avoid this, we are introducing a second token, called FSENT.
You cannot acquire FSENT without being in the presale.

There will be no incentive to dump FSEND, as it is deflationary, has a rising price floor, required for farms, and governance. Farms will be paid out in FSENT.

FSENT can be staked for more, it can be thrown into a lottery game (Q3, hopefully earlier), or it can be sold to compound back into FSEND vaults.

Some have said that paying our for MEME competitions, rewarding the most active community members, and overall participation are the best routes.

Roadmap 2021 and Beyond

Immediate future:
Secure audit
CMC, Coingecko, Blockfolio listings
After presale finishes, 3 major crypto TikTok personalities will begin the shills
May 5th, 2021: Farms paying out in $FSENT, and staking for FSENT will launch
Merchandise (looking forward to seeing community designs!)
Podcast lined up with main crypto personality
DAO opens up, allowing decentralized voting on weekly fund allocation

You guys ready to send it or nah?

Join us on telegram, lets get it poppin’.




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